My mother (28) and I own the house in which we live, and our names and surnames are only on the house and property

My mom and I (28) own the house we live in, our names and our names only are on the house and property. A

few years ago her first ex husband started staying with us (it was supposed to be temporary because he had back surgery, but he's stayed, he doesn't legally live with us) and still owns his house, his name isn't listed on our house or property and he isn't filed with us on our food stamps. He stays here mostly (he stays at his house a few days a week out of each month) but doesn't legally live here.

Everytime he's gotten angry this month he tells me and my mom to get out of the house and that he can legally kick us out because he's fixed our pipes under the bathroom within the last year. It seems to be him just being huff and puff but he's been saying it much more lately.
I do not think he can, but I would like to be assured we don't have to leave our house when we own it and his name is nowhere involved with the house or property. He has my mother convinced he can make us both leave whenever he wants us gone.

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  1. You would have had to have sign a contract for him to do the plumbing work though
    Is your mom in a relationship with this man??? If so watch your back. If not boot him out.. If he has a key, he's been given permission to reside there. If you dont mind him visiting..tell him so but other than a visit you dont want him there. If he's beginning to get ugly and abusive and you feel threatened file charges and restraining order protection order. Just my opinion.
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