I've worked for this company for about two years but had a baby last year so I wasn't too interested in taking time off

 Please post a very long story, I've worked for this company for about 2 years but had a baby last year and so I wasn't very interested in taking time off or paying attention to these details. In my mind I had 10 days but I had a really difficult pregnancy and then a difficult delivery and postpartum so I wasn't thinking clearly... I'm definitely feeling more like myself now and I wanted to take time off and my supervisor said I only had five days... He said that 1st year is 5 days and 2nd year it goes up to 10 then 2 years later you get 15 days etc but I thought that was weird... the boarding folder that says I'll get 10 days... so, definitely I'll get the paper out and show it to my supervisor who He then said "Somehow I got the wrong piece of paper and that paper I had was actually for people that working in an office is not for people who run buildings. People who basically run buildings get half as much...

He sent me the updated sheet and said that was the one I was going to use. I guess I'm wondering if I should be able to get the original number of days that was on that paper when I was on the plane...the fact that they gave me that paper and I've had it for about two years...does that matter for anything ? Or is it all he says?

My supervisor can be very intimidating and I'm not quite sure if I have a leg to stand on or if it's worth the strain.

I would appreciate anyone's help or legal answer

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  1. Welcome to the legal advice department. Why don't you go to the human resources department and ask them about the benefits you get
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