It was the backstory of my mom, my sister, and me when she was very young. When she was about 17 or 19 years old

ETA: My sister and I also have issues with our social partners often saying they are not on relevant government websites and such. Also back in 2017 my sister and I gave checks of about 5k each. Told my sister she had more checks of her own but would keep them. She said it was reimbursed from our Social Security. 

I'm sure there was more but not sure. You won't tell us.

Hello. So, it was the backstory of my mom and my sister and I when she was very young. When she was about 17 or 19, my grandmother asked someone to come to my mom's house with papers basically telling her that if she didn't give me and my sister to my grandmother, she was going to go to jail. Being so young and afraid of being signed without really knowing what's going on. Well a couple of days ago we found out that the stuff on my copy of my original birth certificate didn't really match up with the original. In the version mainly written by my grandmother and her husband, it says it worked a week after I was born. Same for my sisters. As for me, it is said that she (my grandmother) and her husband had the right of guardianship over us a week after we were born. And this is not true .. My sister and I did not go to my grandmothers until I was two years old. And she also lived in Tennessee at this time.. the dates don't match. I think my grandmother and her husband did something shady by agreeing to the money. Should I take these birth certificates to my local court to see if they are fake? Does it matter because they are copies and not the original? My grandmother is a con artist. So something like that doesn't surprise me.

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