I would appreciate any legal advice, I am a man who lost my wife long ago and am staying with my son

 Please answer and help from your side, I am in South Africa

, I would appreciate any legal advice I'm a man long lost my wife staying with my son , in 2012 I met some and planning a future all the way back in 2014 there was this woman at work who kept calling me until I did I felt tempted I was I slept with her in 2015 near the end of the year so in 2016 she told me dat she was pregnant, I told her I don't like kids and don't plan on having one, keep in mind we were never in a relationship.

She asks her to have an abortion to which she says she cannot love the children and finds out they are triplets. They were born, we never got in touch until 2019, she saw me with my fiancé and got angry and took me to court to force me to support these kids that I doubt are mine. The court presses me to pay at least R500 each, which I have done.

    But now it's escalated, she's asking R700 each for both courts again forcing me to, within a short period of time they're asking for R5000 when I get gratuity, mind we work together, same salary in same field. So I opted for private DNA, but after hearing that she filed a protection order against me, I decided to find a lawyer to help review this case as I can see there is no justice here, but it turns out to be worse.

The protection order was denied because there was no evidence of any form of contact or threat. But now I feel like they are playing me including my lawyer. I don't know what to do now, my son is now at university doing his first business and I can't stand it. Pay for his studies. Please any advice

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  1. Welcome to the Free Legal Answers Site Get a court-ordered paternity test You certainly don't know much about South African laws but I suppose if they can hold you responsible for child support there should be no problem confirming paternity. If it is yours, it is your responsibility. You can go to court and I'm sure they try to lower the payments if it's unfair to one side, but with 3 kids I can see the payments are high.
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