I was 15 and had an argument that she left to stay with a dad she didn't really know

I need help I feel helpless. In August (September) I was 15 and I had an argument that I left to stay with my dad that you didn't really know because he was never there. It was so bad they got kicked out twice in about 5 months and they all slept on ppls couches (2 adults 3 kids) and whatever spare rooms they had. The father and his wife don't work and they couldn't pump gas even to take her to school and it was failing. During her stay with them they called dcf and made a bunch of false allegations and my daughter admitted the argument she had to leave and they asked if I was abusing her and she said no but her wife actually spoke to the caseworker and said everything she needed to and made it sound like my daughter was afraid to speak. Dcf did not find it credible so they dropped the case. After she got tired of living the way it was, she decided to go back home but her father and his wife her eldest daughter was not happy with that and tried to hack her phone which they gave her and she said she stole it from them and so on. Phone to T-Mobile had them wipe the phine clean, delete iCloud and send it again so she wouldn't be blamed if she stole and just got her a phone. They have now hacked all her social media accounts, sent all her friends messages saying that she is running away from mental problems and that she is contemplating suicide saying she is talking S*t behind her friends backs and saying if she is reading this message she has no idea who she is playing with. They tried to be nice to them but she didn't appreciate it so it was her time. My daughter cried all night in the bathroom with a stomach ache and no matter what I say it won't stop and I can't get her to stop crying. What should I do I am helpless and my heart breaks for her. Please any legal advice

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  1. Is there a way you can log into her accounts and get the sign in location info? Some accounts like fb even show the IP address of each log in with the date and time. You can screen shot and print it out. I would then speak to a lawyer regarding laws in your state about cyber bullying, harassment, and any other crimes that could be rightfully used against them. After this you might be able to file a restraining order or have a court order keeping them away from your daughter.
    NAL but I’m disgusted by adults/parents who are willing to literally destroy a child’s self esteem, friendships, and essentially their lives because they’re pissed at the other parent. I went through this and it was pure hell
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