I want to see if it's even worth fighting in court. My dad divides my daughters' diapers, bottles, and all her expenses

Thank you legal advice site It's not weird I want to see if it's even worth fighting in court. My dad splits my daughters diapers, bottles, and basically all of her expenses except for the roof over her head. My daughter is now 13 months old, and she lived with me full time from birth until 2 months. Then from 3 months to 4 months she lived with her dad and me. Then from 4 to 8 months she lived with me full time. Then she lived with both of us again from 8 to 11 months. Then from 11 months to now 13 months she has lived with me so basically she has only lived with me 9 months of her life. And 4 months with both her dad and me. Yes I understand he partitioned her little towns, but for those 9 total months she only lived with me and her father visited her at my place. I was paying rent for my daughters. As of April 16th, we will begin sharing custody. So I don't expect any money after that. But I think he owes me some sort of support due for the months I was the sole caregiver and provide a roof over her head. I don't have a lot of money for a lawyer, I mean I can probably make it work but I want to see if it's worth hiring a lawyer for 9 months of back pay to provide a roof over my daughters head. Any advice? I won't be offended because I'm new to all of this

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  1. Child support won't do back pay, it'll start from the date you filed. He will only pay support if his income is significantly higher than yours, and it will work against you that's he's already covering half her costs voluntarily. Your child doesn't have rent. You have rent, and your child lives with you. My husband's ex was told her mortgage wasn't one of the child's essential bills because she'd pay that on her own.
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