I need to know if I truly have grounds to sue the police department/city and also know about what will happen/how things will go down as I'm truly terrified.

 Location: Fayetteville, Arkansas.

I need to know if I truly have grounds to sue the police department/city and also know about what will happen/how things will go down as I’m truly terrified.
Background: I was staying with my boyfriend since his dad passed away January 31st and he refused to live with my parents because he works in Fayetteville but my parents live in Siloam, 30 miles away. His mom had been stealing my stuff for a while and when I would confront her about it is when she’d either get disrespectful or give it back. I told him she has one more chance and I’m leaving. She had two of her friends staying with her and she kicked one of them out for ‘stealing things’. She insisted we had to stay until she was able to move on from her husbands death and go out in to the real world and not be sad. The night after he died she was at the casino spending his money. A week after he died she sold his motorcycle. Every single night she was out at the casino or shopping at the mall. Not even a month later she was dating someone else and sleeping with him.
March 20th: We got home from grocery shopping with glass root beer(this is important). We had one of our dogs downstairs with us and the other was upstairs. She told us she kicked out <male roommate> because she said he was stealing things. I asked why, he was so nice. She said “he was going in y’all’s room and stealing things”. I told her the only person I recall stealing anything was her. She screamed “you have nothing for me to steal!” And I told her “you took my lighter, (interrupted and said ‘that was mine you took from me’) my makeup (said ‘I gave it back it doesn’t even matter’), and my colored pencils and crayons for school (‘I asked <my boyfriend> and he said I could use them and I put them back so calm down’)” I then said “they weren’t <my boyfriend>‘s to give permission about and you didn’t, he grabbed them for me last night.” I looked at my boyfriend and said “say something.” she told me “don’t look at him he’s my son”. I told her “your son loves me more than he’s ever loved you”. Right then she then slapped me on the left side of my face, I pushed her on the left side and said ‘do not ever touch me again’, and she pulled me to the ground, when the glass root beer dropped and shattered onto the floor causing a huge mess. I tried to get up while my boyfriend grabbed her by the shoulders and said “do not touch my girlfriend”. She screamed at me to get the f—k out of her house, calling me a fat a-s, and a dumb w--re while I was still slipping on the root beer. I got my dog that was downstairs and started leaving when she told my boyfriend something about if he’s going to protect me and not her then he can leave too. He said ”go ahead lose your husband and your only child”. As I walked out the door she picked up the glass bottle and threw it at me but it hit the wall and then shattered even more. I ran to my car, got my dog in, and called my mom telling her to get to Fayetteville she just hit me. I was screaming as I was in complete shock she would have actually laid her hands on me. She came outside and banged on my window telling me to leave and never come back. She then opened my door and screamed “stay the f—k off my property never f—king come back you f—king b—ch” and I screamed at her “stay away from me I’m leaving get out of my face”. my mom said “hang up, call 911, I’m on the way” which was when my boyfriends mom went back in the house. I called 911 and was at that point crying too much to even talk so my boyfriend said “we need someone to come and get our other dog out of the house we were just kicked out after my mom hit my girlfriend were too scared to go back inside and get the dog”. The dispatcher took all the information down and when the cops got there (there were six in total but three were being trained) the male talked to us while the female knocked on the door for between five and ten minutes trying to get in the house. I asked “do you guys want the house key I had? She’s not letting you in?” After a little bit they then were let into the house and they questioned us again. They then asked my mom when she got there what she heard on the phone. The cop then asked me why I wasn’t covered in root beer if I was slipping on it and had sat on it. He asked why my face had no marks if she slapped me. He then asked me how she has so many scratch marks and choke marks and is soaked with root beer if I was the victim. I told him “she’s a narcissist, diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, and a former drug addict but we believe she’s back on drugs. She didn’t let you guys in the house for at least five minutes. And my face stings right here. I’m not going to have a mark very quickly, I assure you it’ll be there in the morning.” no pictures were taken of me or my boyfriend but they had pictures of her taken. They asked me where I was sitting and I described perfectly where and they told me that there was no glass or rootbeer where I described. They then asked my mom to step away and talked to her while the other cops asked my boyfriend to step away from the vehicle and put him in cuffs. They then told me to turn around and asked if I had anything in my pockets and I said “no sir”. He then put me in cuffs and led me to the car. they arrested us that night and we were waiting 20 hours to be booked and let go. I asked the guard at the holding cell if I had a mark or anything and she said “you have like a scratch mark, the beginning of a black eye, and your face is swollen” and I said “yeah because I was slapped but they said I wasn’t”. She told me to ask the sherif to take a picture for evidence. We never once were read our Miranda rights at all. During questioning, during detaining, never.
March 21st: I was told there’s a no contact order between her and both of us. She told the cops that we were arguing about the roommate when I decided to slap her on the right side of her face, my boyfriend held her down on the ground while I punched her multiple times. He put her in a headlock and she tried to defend herself by pushing at me and scratching me when she finally got out and ran to the door when we then picked up a bottle and threw it at her where it shattered on the wall and ricocheted scratching her right leg. We got into our car and she ran back in the house. The cops told us that there were four stories; mine, my boyfriends, my moms, and his moms. Three match up and one matches the evidence in the house and on the victim. When I told the sherif to take a picture she said “there’s nothing on your face, do you want another charge?” And I said “no ma’am.” I took pictures of my face where it was clearly red and a mark was on my face right after I got my phone back.
March 22nd: my boyfriend was on the phone with his maternal grandma who told him “you never touch your mother again. She’s got a chipped tooth from your girlfriend punching her in the face and a bruise on her left leg from the bottle hitting her”
March 28th: we went to get our stuff, did a civil standby with a cop. She said my boyfriend’s friends and us could go inside. When we got upstairs she then put her arm on my boyfriend and said how much she missed him. Then looked at me and started crying saying “I changed my mind, I don’t want her here. I’m scared of her and she’s dangerous” which was when I was brought outside by the cop and I was crying and said “make sure she doesn’t touch him again there’s a no contact order” and he told me “I don’t know about that”. I waited outside while his friends and him brought everything to our vehicles. My dad told the cop “there’s a no contact order and she touched his back which is against the no contact order. We were also told last week during the civil standby that she’d be outside while they were inside so this wouldn’t happen” the cop then said that none of that is true and the no contact order was paused during a civil standby. She then was outside with the garbage and my mom said “do you even know what happened? I was on the phone with my daughter when she was banging on her window and opened the door to then scream at her while my daughter was scared” and my boyfriends mom then yelled out “oh Jesus Christ”. The cop wasn’t supposed to leave until all of us did but he left which was when his mom came out to the street and stood there. She told my boyfriends friend to ’let him know I’m dropping the charges on him in the morning but <my name> is having them on her’. She waited until we left which was when my mom realised the cop had left.
Evidence deals: I have a screenshot she sent to me talking to my boyfriend’s ex stating “I am violent” and “if you want a <last name> to hit you I will”. Her story changed. She threatened to kill my boyfriend and her late husband when they lived in another state causing them to leave and move in with my boyfriend’s uncle. At the funeral she screamed at people that refused to pay their respects until she left. 10 or so years ago she choked out my boyfriend in front of his friend in the middle of hobby lobby. The front door opens to where her leaving if a bottle hit the wall then scratched her it would have been her left leg not her right leg. My hands had no marks like they would have if I truly was punching her hard enough to chip a tooth. My boyfriend believes if he really put her in a choke hold for one, choke marks wouldn’t be hand prints they’d be an arm; and two she wouldn’t have been able to get out.
I know this was incredibly long. My question here is, is anything actually going to happen to my boyfriend and I or will the truth come out that she did everything? Will they realise her story has changed at least once and mine and my boyfriend had stayed the same every single time? Do we have grounds to sue the police department for not reading us our rights and stating they got to the scene and were ‘met by the victim <boyfriends mom>’? will a public defender ask for the neighbors that we’re home and would have heard everything to be witnesses? Will a public defender do anything like that? I’m terrified a public defender will make it easy for us to lose even with everything and we have to use one since my parents want to sue the police department and we would need an attorney for that.
Thank you so much in advance and especially for reading this. Again I’m sorry for how long it was
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