-I looked at a flat earlier this week for a sub-let and the current tenant told me the flat is mine please help me

 Please answer I live in Boston, MA - I looked at an apartment 

earlier this week for a sublease and the current tenant told me

 the apartment is mine. I submitted the order to her because she

 said the owner would only accept it from her. I was supposed to

 move in tomorrow so I waited everyday to hear back but she

 kept giving me a ride. Today she told me she wanted someone

 who would keep her furniture, so I tell her I will (because I'm

 desperate at this point). Then she told me she would tell me

 later. I met all of her instructions on what she was ordering and

 I was the first to place an order and this is a little earlier today,

 and she told me they were not going to give my order to the

 owner. I understand that the landlord chooses who takes over

 the lease? I wonder if there is anything I can do in this situation

 because now I am left with an apartment full of furniture and a

 lease that expires tomorrow with nowhere to take it. I have

 texts from her saying the apartment is mine and I also think it

 might be discrimination because of my sexual orientation or

 disability. Can I contact the fair housing department regarding

 this matter, or can they do nothing due to it being a sublet and

 not the landlord who was discriminating Thank you for your

 excellence Free Legal Advice Team

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  1. Unfortunately it seems your best best in my opinion is to find a storage unit, move your belongings there, and stay with a friend for a week to figure things out. I'm sorry you're going through this
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