I hired a divorce attorney on Thursday. He called on Friday to ask if I wanted to email the notice to my husband

 Please help or any legal advice

 I have hired a divorce attorney on Thursday. He called on Friday to ask if I wanted to email the notice to my husband. I didn't know this was a thing. I said ok. Then he said he might still be able to get it that day. I said aww please don't do it so quickly. I need some time to get my screenshots in reasonable order.. once he figures that out - poo will hit the fan and I don't know what he's going to do.. he's crazy too me. Smart, so he might be able to remote into my computer and see what I'm doing. (Yes, I live in the same house).. It's a very strange situation.

I said not to do anything before Monday for sure, so I still have the weekend to get through a few things. He said ok.

On sunday i left a voicemail with him not responding to anything yet - i need more time.. i need to start this but i have to get a few more weeks until i get the hang of it enough to breathe.

He texted me on Monday saying he already gave it!! Oh my God.. I'm panicking.

I told him I didn't want that (too late!) ..

He said "It's on hold for the time being and we'll talk again before he does something unless for some reason he has heard from me before the court date."

What does this statement mean? It's pending, but there's a court date? I accidentally gave him the wrong email address (gmail vs hotmail) so I told him to correct that. I didn't see anything else going through. I'm so confused..was my husband notified? what do I need to do? I'm sure every time I message him it's a bunch of bucks.. I can't bear to keep asking a hundred questions.. 🙁 Please help.. Thank you.

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  1. Sounds to me like the filing was in a folder or package ready for the legal assistant to take care of on Monday, and the attorney didn’t read the email you sent on Sunday until after the legal assistant filed everything. Even if things are on hold, more than likely your husband has been notified or the notification is already in route
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