I got into an accident with my car yesterday and I'm not sure what was at fault yet

 Please post my topic and what is the legal way in Ohio here. I had an accident yesterday and I'm not sure what was at fault yet but I was going straight through a green light and a lady turned left and swerved trying to get away but I still had a collision. She didn't have insurance but I have her name and license plate. I have insurance, but I'm not sure what to do either. I wouldn't get a rental car because they don't have insurance for it and my stupid self doesn't get rental coverage. Should I sue her? I really just want to fix my car completely. I have uninsured insurance but it's not comprehensive and I lost the collision if they pay to fix my car please answer from you legal

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  1. Welcome to free legal advice. I know that if she doesn't have insurance, she probably can't afford it. It will be difficult to get money from where there is not enough
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