I finished my job at 740 pm. My boss complimented me on my work, told me to take a break on Wednesday, and come back ready for work on Thursday.


I was wondering if yall think I have a case

I believe I was wrongfully terminated based off retaliation.
On Tues, April 11 I clocked out of my job at 740pm. My boss commended me on my work, told me to take a breather on Wednesday, and come back ready for action on Thursday.
On Wednesday I did not go in and there was no communication in work chat.
However in a separate chat that I'm in for my gaming friends, (boss/friend is in it as well), there was a bicker. He said something we thought was completely unnecessary. I replied to him saying "that's unnecessary dude/ you have no room to talk/ wtf are you trying to do" and he thumbs down reacted to it proving that he did not like my response. Hours later I was terminated. (to me it feels like he didn't like my response so to get back at me he took my job away. He has a temper and reacts to it fast)
I later found out from another coworker that he told them he had to let me go due to my attitude but there was no communication at work or work chat for me to give him attitude on Wednesday to result in my termination that evening. I was never written up as well.
They also did need my help on both Thurs and Fri because another employee had just quit on Sunday so they were short on help.
My termination letter said I was terminated because the "position was temporary"
The company does have us as 1099 but my CPA/accountant said based off what she saw we should be W2. (We have employee # to clock in/out, they provide vehicles, I didn't sign a contract, etc)
I do have screenshots of everything.
There were also cases when he tried to slide in my dms/followed me to my truck and told me an inappropriate thing however I believe they will fight me on that because I did not immediately report it when it happened. In my head I was too scared to because he was in charge of my hours.
In yalls professional opinion do i have a chance?
Thank yall!
Background: we've been friends since 2015 when my soon to be ex-husband told the kids and I to go home he offered a job to help me out, that's why we were in a separate chat. There were also no other altercations in that chat before, this was the first in a while and I've always kept work and game chat apart.
I've also learned my lesson on working with/for friends.

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  1. If what you say is all true and you have proof then I would say you have a case. Harassment outside of work can be used against him at work as well. Nal
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