I am asking for help on behalf of my mom. On April 23rd 2022 my mom was getting sick and couldn't keep food down


I am asking for help on behalf of my mom. On April 23rd 2022 my mom was getting sick and couldn't keep food down. She went to hospital A and left on April 29th. The next day On April 30th 2022 my mom was sent back to Hospital A with the same doctor. This time She could not move her legs and couldn't feel her feet. She spent several days there at the hospital and the numbness spread from her feet all the way up to her chest. the conditions there where bad. My mom was suicidal and didn't feel like anyone was listening to her. They left her on a bed with a cloth under her and never even gave her a diaper. the doctor discharged her and told us my mom was feeling numb from simply laying in bed. I knew that whatever was going on was more then a few pinched nerves like the doctor suggested. I suggested it may be Guillain-Barré syndrome but I was told it was too rare to be that. I took my mom  immediately to another hospital and they diagnosed her with Guillain-Barré syndrome nearly on the spot. I asked for the medical papers from Sacred Heart and found that the doctor made up several lies in her report. She claimed that my mom was faking everything, that she had walked a few times, and that they took her to the commode everyday. When in reality she was unable to walk but could sometime wiggle her legs at most and she was left in a bed without even a diaper on. I have asked several lawyers for help but they aren't interested because my mom wasn't gravely injured. Is there anyway I can get justice for my mom? The medical bills are insane and they treated her so poorly. What if another doctor request her medical docs and think that she is a faker? I can't let nothing happen! there must be SOMETHING I can do??? Please help!

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  1. LICENSED NJ ATTORNEY: I’m so sorry to hear about what happened to your mom and hope she is feeling better now. If you would like to, please send me a direct message as I have an attorney in Florida who I highly recommend and specializes in this area of law. I can reply back to you with his contact info.
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