How do you prevent young people from harassing and trying to get more money after a divorce?

 Hello, I have an urgent consultation. Can you help me with a legal answer? How do you prevent insults from harassing and trying to get more money after divorce?

My boyfriend got divorced 2 years ago in California. As a divorce settlement, he gave his ex-wife a lump sum of 5k and the total amount of the house (purchased with his own savings and under his own name). My boyfriend was paying $350 a month in child support (one daughter, junior in high school) as agreed in the divorce contract. The ex wanted and demanded more money for child support, so now he's paying $450 a month in child support outside of the original divorce contract. Annual salary of Ex 90k and working from home. My friend earns about 38k a year from his job. The ex keeps asking for more and more money claiming that he needs the money for the kid's miscellaneous expenses like summer camp costing >$6k and other expensive trips without prior discussion or approval. X threatened to take Siddiqui to court if Siddiqui did not comply and give her the money as she demanded.

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  1. Then court it is. They have a child support calculator. If she’s making that much then he might be over paying. Nal
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