How can i get my ex boyfriend out of my house on probation since i put him in jail and he hasn't changed

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How can I get my ex boyfriend out of my house on probation since I put him in jail and he hasn't changed but my address is on his driver's license he did it behind my back....all bills are in my name. He is still very verbally abusive and mean to my oldest son. He's the father of my second child and I'm terrified he'll take me to court to try and get weekends and he's unfit but I can't prove it yet and he'll mess around with the courts no problem. He constantly tells me how if he can't have the baby no one will. I am so terrified of him that I dropped my no contact order to a non violent contact order because I am so terrified of him... I want my life back and honestly at this point I feel like I should stay in this situation because he will. Killed us (he hasn't physically hit me since he was on probation) forced to stop drinking with probation... I don't have the money to pay him to vacate him and die for me and pay all the bills because he refuses to give me any money for the bills... He always makes me have sex with him and if I don't , it puts up a big fight too bad it will wake my kids up when they are asleep (even on school nights)! Call me names in front of them... I can't do this anymore I'm done fighting every day endlessly I was so stupid and afraid of it I dropped the no contact order I regretted it one day

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  1. You must obtain a domestic violence restraining order and an eviction order
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