Hello, welcome to the free legal advice site team. Any answers or suggestions for next steps?

 Hello, welcome to the free legal advice site team. Any answers or suggestions for next steps?

Is it legal to delegate medical decisions (my father's sister) to isolate him from me and the rest of his family? He is still considered sane, but has suffered strokes that have left him with dementia. She pulled out his cell phone and blocked the phone numbers of his family members. Including mine. My father made it clear that he wanted to talk to us. He has trouble moving around, so he usually stays downstairs and the phone upstairs. Not to mention that without his cell phone and contacts, he doesn't know people's phone numbers. He also doesn't drive anymore.

   A bit of backstory: My dad and I went a few years without speaking because his ex-wife threatened death over my unborn child (just one of many examples). They divorced and soon after my dad had a stroke, which was followed by many other health issues. Unfortunately, my father's sister was the only one documented as a work agency. My dad and his sister never got along. She never reached out to me to tell me about these medical issues my dad had, I found out because his cousin was able to tell he was in a nursing home and I went to see him three weeks ago. Our reunion was beautiful. I had seen him or talked to him every day he was there. I never wanted to leave him because I loved being able to just see him whenever I wanted. He even met his only grandchildren. He made it clear that he wanted to see me and talk to me.

My father has his own house, but he spends a lot of time at his sister's house with his mother.

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  1. Try contact the area of aging agency in your county and ask them to do a welfare check on him. Tell them he's being isolated from everyone he loves and you are concerned for his well being
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