Hello everyone, I need some advice that I have hired an education attorney to handle an academic dishonesty charge

 Hello everyone, I need some advice I hired an education lawyer to tackle down my academic dishonesty charge.

I have Asperger’s I always had accommodations in high school that transferred into college.

The College disability services, failed to renew my accommodation letter for the summer session, because the person who originally had my documentation was a medical leave. She came back, requesting one information, but the lady who is covering for her, was ready to renew it.

On July 28 doing a Calculus one exam during the exam I wasn’t feeling well so I emailed the professor after the exam that was proctored that I went to the ER to get checked out hence wise I submitted work late and hence why is my mom only came in your room to see if I was OK She did not help me. I did my own work.

I try to medical withdrawal because I couldn’t even finish the course, but the professor never gave me the option where to contact to get a medical withdrawal so I could retake the core of the following to Master that I got an A in.

I did fail the summer session

Around August 1 when I got my neuropsychological testing, I get an email from the professor saying I was charge since I don’t know anything my mom decided to call the dean and th dean said if I hire a lawyer, I will lose the entire case because people who hired lawyers 100% of the time lose the case without me, explaining my side of the story.

So we go hire a legal team that my dad knows who is friends with but he wasn’t much help because he was prolonging this hearing I was supposed to have but on September 28 me and my mom had a formal meeting with the Visa zoom that was recorded. 

He basically was pushing me to close the ticket. 

He only gave me 30 minutes to make a decision he had all the proof to deem that I did commit a crime, but I’ll explain why everything was done, and I technically did not cheat.

Plus, my mom is a medical doctor she speak Spanish. She doesn’t know certain English words, and she was the one telling me that the dean is telling you something let’s close the ticket and listen to what he has to offer.

He basically told me this would stay  a certain amount of time  on my record and me and my mom thought this was a warning and  it wasn’t permanent on my record.

I forgot to mention when we had the zoom meeting he promised me and my mom he would share the entire information to the vice president of the college and she will resolve the issue to get this fixed.

I tried applying to a university, but when I tried to apply, they are requesting a letter from the dean, but this Dean would not help me at all.

my father, who has a friend who knows the president of my college, decided to contact the president, but the president doesn’t want to help me at all to get this removed.

So I have tried applying to six schools when I try to email the dean of the college his lawyer messaged me saying refrain from contacting us and now I’m stuck without  able to get a bachelors degree or going to grad school.

The main concern is, this is probably on my record, and the dean of the college doesn’t want to help at all even writing a simple letter that the schools , im  applying  to  are requesting.

So around the end of December of last year we hired an education lawyer from a different state, be able to tackle the academic dishonesty charge so I could at least get this removed out of my record.

So show my lawyer grab information for my previous lawyer 15 class emails and then he schedule a meeting with the lawyer of the college but they didn’t negotiation with a letter to man requesting to get this removed without having to sue them. The letter grade and  charge because since he doesn’t want to help me the dean of the college, we just want to be able to fight this.

So now we are at one last  demand letter that we are threatening them to sue them in court and he schedule another meeting with the school lawyer to get this removed .

And then the last step would be to sue the college, because they failed to renew my accommodations, and they failed to give me a hearing, and they push me away from having a hearing class, they never show me any proof what happened.

My question would a threat of suing the college would that actually help me get this all removed ?

Will me suing the college will I get any reimbursement so my lawyer get some of the money back ?

because without this letter from the Dean, I cannot transfer out to Any  university since they require a letter from the dean because when you apply to any College, you need to click the box ferpa and they investigate everything.

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  1. I think it would all depend on why you couldn’t complete the courses. Not feeling well and leaving while taking a test isn’t related to Asperger’s. I believe you would have to have a specialist state your issue is solely 100% related to your medical condition. Nal
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