My sister, my niece's mother, had a small party at her house that involved a game of strip poker in the living room between 5 adults with lots of alcohol


Asking anonymously for my niece who is a minor (age 17). 

My sister, niece's mom, had a small party in her home that involved strip poker in the living room between 5 adults with lots of alcohol. My niece (17) was home but was told to stay in her room. She was upset and told the party to be quiet because she had to work the next morning. The 5 adults moved to the bedroom and continued their party, but were still loud. My niece was upset and went outside and somehow got locked out of the house in the rain at 3am (party guest closed the door, did not know she was outside.)

When she got back inside, my niece was very upset and banged on the bedroom door and screamed at the party. Her moms boyfriend screamed back and threatened to "bury her" if she didn't calm down, and when she said she was calling her dad, the man said he would bury her father also.

The whole thing was caught on recording.

My niece is understandably shaken up and wants to come stay with me. Her father would certainly never agree to it, but he has severe bipolar disorder and my niece does not want to live with him because of it.

No police reports were made and my sister broke up with the boyfriend but my niece wants to be away from her mother because this is not the first time she has been exposed to this type of behavior 

1. Was it illegal to host a party like that with a 17 year old in the house?

2. Is there anything I can do, legally, that would allow my niece to come stay with me?

3. How likely would emancipation be granted if she had another living arrangement? My niece is 17, works, and is in 11th grade so has a full year of high school left.

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  1. NAL but I would file for emergency guardianship of her given the circumstances or I would help her become emancipated so she can choose where she lives that is so horrible and I grew up around similar things it sticks with you so sorry she has to go through this
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