A former friend of mine/acquaintance has embarrassing videos conversations of me that were recorded off his phone in private

 A former friend of mine/acquaintance has embarrassing videos/conversations of me that were recorded off his phone in private without 

my knowledge as well as photos of me from 5 years ago where we were at a party and I was passed out drunk on a couch. I do not want these conversations and videos to be released to the public. I live in Illinois and it is illegal to record someone without their consent. Some of the audio conversations were recorded in his car all without my knowledge and some were recorded at his house again all without my knowledge. without going into too much details about the videos and conversations I can only share this. They are all stupid stuff that young adults would do around the ages of 18-23. I have a chance to work for a huge corporate company and make six figures however I feel that he would get jealous of my success and would email the hiring managers these conversations/videos/photos of me so that I’m seen in a negative light and I don’t get hired. I should NOT have to worry about something i did when I was a young adult. I’m about to be 30 in a year and a half and I want to not have to worry about this anymore. I don’t have money to pursue legal action against him. How can I legally force him in front of me to delete every shred of negative evidence he has on me so that I can live a normal life? I’ve asked him nicely to please delete everything and he has lied and said “I don’t have anything about you why would I keep anything about you on my phone/devices? Im not obsessed with you.” I’d like to have all his electronic devices subpoenaed and for me to sit there witnessing him deleting everything in front of the proper authorities. To this day I worry about that negative information about me leaking all over the internet so I pretend to be this individual’s friend so I don’t get on his bad side but I get super stressed just doing that as well.

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