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 Virginia labor law? Civil law? Not sure

My hubby was head hunted by a company. He was offered a base payment and perk at the end of the time. He went to work for said company in March 2022. His agreement stated that he'd be paidbi-monthly on 15 and 30 of each a month. His 3rd stipend was late but ultimately came. August 30 he entered his stipend like normal, Sept 15 rolled around, no stipend, Sept 30, no stipend. “ We ’re working on it, sit tight ” Oct 15 nothing. They( small company about 10- 15 in house workers) went to the labor board. Labor board came in, said they had to find a result and pay the workers. Oct 30, no stipend. They asked the workers who stayed to continue working and they would get a 15 increase for last stipend and company stock at a 60 reduction that would be completely vested in 6 months and basically be worth about 6 month payment. Husband stayed. We took out a particular loan to cover the mortgage and pay the bills. Nov 15 they furloughed the entire company. Labor board countries they ca n’t help because the company had a verbal agreement with the workers who stayed. Now we ’re getting noise that the company is going to file for ruin. They technically owe him close to$ 25k and now we ca n’t go the loan because his payment has been cut more than half at the job he got whenfurloughed.However, it says that we would n’t be considered for payment in the ruin because it’s been further than 180 days since they paid him, If I ’m reading rightly. It seems as if they led everyone on to get to the 180 days so they could file ruin and get out of paying lost stipend. I ’m at loss on where to go from then. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Stylish case script, we'd like for the company to pay at least his lost stipend AND the loan that we had to take to cover misplaced stipend.

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  1. Welcome to the legal advice site. You should contact an employment attorney as soon as possible, you will definitely need to file for bankruptcy as a creditor claim.
    I can understand the job board stating that they cannot participate in the verbal agreement on bonus bonuses; But it's worth going through the actual lost wages through them again.
    It would also be worth calling the IRS because I'm pretty sure the company is claiming these "paid" wages; Does his W2 reflect the lost six months, or just the actual time to work?
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