The pope was hospitalized for several days due to an urgent lung infection-legal advice supports

The pope was hospitalized for several days due to an urgent lung infection

On Wednesday morning, the Vatican said Pope Francis would be hospitalized for "a few days" to be treated for a respiratory infection, raising concerns about the health and general condition of the 86-year-old.

A Vatican spokesman said in a statement, "In recent days, Pope Francis has complained of some breathing difficulties and has developed symptoms of sudden fatigue. This afternoon he went to A. Gemili's clinic to undergo some urgent medical examinations, referring to the Rome hospital where the popes are usually. Treating ". These [tests] require the presence of a respiratory infection and you should receive immediate treatment (except for Covid-19 infections) that require a few days of appropriate medical treatment in a hospital

After his weekly audience in St. Peter's Square, Francis was taken to the hospital to undergo a number of necessary examinations. Earlier in the day, the Vatican said a visit and tests were planned

Where the Vatican said that Pope Francis was taken to hospital after suffering a lung infection on Wednesday morning, after he had suffered from difficulty breathing in recent days, and he will remain in the hospital for several days to conduct all necessary examinations and receive treatment.

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