Suing a pharmaceutical company because of drug use and the result is disastrous?

 Hua question will i be able to sue musinex? I took it for the first time a year ago for a

 week and flipped. It gave me very strange thoughts, I became depressed for a month

 ended up losing a necklace, and developed a phobia of leaving my house. I went to the

 email because I was feeling weird. I don't usually take medication nor do I suffer from

 depression or anxiety and I was completely fine and happy before taking it, I only had a

 sinus problem so quickly my doctor put me on depression medication. After this severe

 episode i called musinex to let them know it gave me weird thoughts (unsafe thoughts)

 they didn't really care about it took a month to wake up and i still had relapses because

 the medication they put me on continued as a narcotic i removed myself from the

 addictive medication. And he returned to normal. Will I have a bag? Musinex should not

 be on the shelves. Has anyone had such an experience or is it just me?

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  1. You have taken too much or have an allergic reaction to this medicine that is not expected to the normal dose of guaifenesin.
    I was high.
    I guess you won't see your lawsuit until the court, and the judge throws it out
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