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 please do not judge me but I was hopeless after 10 times with having horrible teeth

A girl I went along to to get my nails done. told me about a person her family went along to to get some of her frontal teeth fixed for cheap as dental work is consequently precious

she does some kind of relating on your teeth so it looks like real teeth that are nice

I wouldn't had six of my frontal teeth done by her and I was astounded and consequently happy latterly

but a week or two weeks latterly I discerned they started turning further unheroic appearing

I transferred them a communication asking if I could exercise undyed lists on them and every other time I have communicated them they have scratched me ago by runner

yeah this time they called me. the girl who did them called me first. she was telling me yes you can exercise them and she was under the print I was a nonidentical case and also she spoke she had to draw up my account after asking me my name again

she indeed stated no. you had the tooth glam done and I spoke yes and again I asked if it's safe to exercise undyed lists because they are turning unheroic

she stated yes

she did not tell me anything additional and there is no expressway I would precisely go run and exercise undyed lists and not see if it's safe to exercise them because of all the plutocrat. this bring me as I am on fixed profit

well they have lasted to turn a nominally more unheroic and I am actually worried about it

I contacted them and told them that they are still unheroic indeed after utilizing the undyed lists two moments and asked if perhaps I should keep utilizing them more

shoot all the unforeseen they changed and spoke that they noway told me to exercise undyed lists and that I presumably stripped them

I stated you specially told me it was safe. I would noway have exercised them not knowing if it was safe

now they are trying to enunciate I ruined them because of utilizing undyed lists indeed though they told me it was safe

consequently indeed after that I communicated them asking if they could do my nethermost bones if they could make them whiter or revise the top to make them whiter

they stated yes and they gave me a freight for it. they spoke they could relate the top as well

which I was esteeming serving but also I spoke I would like to do the top bones first to make sure that they can get whiter before serving the bottom

now all the unforeseen they are keep mentioning my deal and that I broke my deal by utilizing undyed lists indeed though they were turning unheroic before I indeed exercised them and they told me it was safe to exercise them

I actually feel like disputing the charge on my card over this

If I knew they were going to turn unheroic I would have got them lustrously undyed to begin with. I told them as well

and the lines that they set on the teeth some of them are blending in so it does not indeed look like a tooth now and I asked them about fixing that several moments which they will not reply around

later having bad teeth for 10 times, the passional trauma is excruciating what this is done to mentally and now to have this be. I'm actually getting suicidal over this

If I could have go to fix my teeth the right expressway I would have in the morning but I couldn't. I have tried multitudinous moments to get help to produce fundraisers etc

One other thing is 10 times ago I had a root conduit done and I was told by other dentists they should have noway have done the root conduit as I demanded to go nearly to detect a crown to set on it for budget than the bone who did firstly and no bone would set a crown on it. that's the main argument I did this because that tooth has come unheroic

One of the dentists I went along to ago also erected commodity that appeared like a tooth for numerous times and that is what she told me she was serving to my teeth this position I got the frontal bones done at consequently when they did it times ago to that one tooth stayed undyed like a real tooth for at least for times. consequently that is why when these turn unheroic right down I was actually confused as to why

Is there any expressway to sue them or can I question this

charge since they are not remedying the situation?

This is in Florida

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  1. I would make sure they didn't give you any aftercare instructions, or that you didn't sign a contract telling you not to use white strips before trying to sue anyone.
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