Please post my family problem on your free legal advice website. I live in Illinois.

 Please post my problem on your free legal advice website. I live in Illinois. I moved in

 with my dad in April 2022 - he became violent in May I called the police and a protection

 order was put in place until September of that year. Keep in mind we are both in the

 lease. I paid the rent on my own. Fast forward to October, flash back, fast to January

 2023 - he's pulled away by violence again. Lease ends April 2023. He hasn't given me a

 dime for the times he hasn't been living here. He claims that he has not had the right to

 pay for the apartment since he received a protection order. I think otherwise. Both our

 names are still on the lease. Now since January there is no protection order but he

 hasn't been living here and hasn't paid. We had an agreement in January when he left

 that at least for 3 months he would give me $100 a month so a total of $500 towards

 the roof contribution I'm providing for our daughter. He agreed. Our daughter has

 Saturday nights at his aunts' house but that's it. Now he's telling me as of yesterday he

 won't give me the $500 we agreed bc I won't give his security deposit back. First of all

 I'm renewing the lease in my name so I won't get the security deposit until I move out.

 But he thinks I'm just taking the security deposit. So he claims he's not giving me the

 $500 we agreed on. Mind you, he hasn't paid the rent in months. Yes I understand he

 wasn't living here but that doesn't change the fact that his name is on the lease as

 well. If I took him to court, I think even the judge would say he should have paid me

 because the child was in my care 80% of the time. My question now is should I take

 this to small claims court? I wasn't planning on taking him to court. The total rent he

 did not pay was $1,734. I was only asking for $500... Now he refuses to pay. Obviously,

 the only evidence I have is a protective order. I have proof that he left in Jan bc. All rent

 payments were made from my bank account.

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  1. Hi, I've been reading your problem and I don't think you have a case for rent. The fact that you both are on a lease is just in case you default, there are two adults who can sue the landlord to collect his money from him. Take him to court for child support.
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