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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected Biden's criticism of judicial reform

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shut down President Biden's warning that Israel "cannot continue down this path" with…

Biden and Netanyahu exchange words amid protests over judicial reform in Israel

US President Joe Biden has told Israel he "cannot continue" to push forward with controversial judicial reforms...

Why are Israelis protesting Netanyahu's judicial reforms? Wall Street Journal

On Wednesday , Israeli government ministers decided to reject US President Joe

 Biden’s interference in the country’s raging debate over judicial reform, and it had nothing to do with it. At a time when the controversial far-right Itamar Ben Gvir openly affirmed that Israel is a stand-alone country, not part of the United States.

And the Minister of National Security said, in statements to the Israeli Army Radio, that both President Joe Biden and all administration officials in the United States must understand that Israel is an independent country and it is not your business to interfere in its affairs, and it is not another star on the American flag.

Benjamin Netanyahu rejected Joe Biden's call to "step away from a proposed judicial reform intervention that has sparked mass protests across Israel," with the Israeli prime minister retorting that he does not make decisions based on pressure from abroad.

After large numbers of people poured into the streets and demonstrated. The White House initially suggested that Netanyahu seek a compromise, but the US president went further in responding to reporters' questions on Tuesday. “I hope he gets away with it, too,” Biden said

"Like many staunch supporters of Israel, I'm deeply concerned about the state of Israel. They can't continue down this path," Biden told reporters during a visit to North Carolina.

The Israeli government refused to interfere in her condition, she said

He added, "When there is an independent country that holds elections, the will of the people is what must be accepted democratically. We are a democratic system and I expect the president of the United States to understand this point very well.

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