My sister is in danger, they poisoned her, brainwashed her Legal advice?

I live in one of the US states, and my mother lives in Afton MO, and this is going to be a long time, but I'm going to keep it as short as possible. Basically, I always grew up fighting with my mom. It wasn't always the kind of fight you could get over, but the ones that did were always physical in some way, and eventually we started arguing, and broke up.

I grew up with a lot of things that went undiagnosed or untreated and I didn't know what I had until I was about to finish high school. I was misdiagnosed with defiant disorder

        I didn't go to school at all, and hardly learned anything. I didn't care, and when I did, I was in a 3-5 mentality and it was all in front of me. I took a day off after school to finish up some paperwork.

Later on, I was finally diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and eventually autism. Was it taken up to the age of 17? maybe? I know I'm autistic. The one thing my mom and I both agree on is that the way you talk to me is the way you talk to me. We both didn't like it.

It's okay, but out of place. I have never been treated so well in my entire life, teachers. My mom didn't understand anything, and I changed my therapist in half the time I changed my clothes! Maybe not literally, but I change them every month or every few months. I'd be surprised if I didn't have to start over in a year at best.

Oh. Changing the healers wasn't really the hard part, it was just putting everything back together. It was a consistent thought pattern for everyone. It was like none of them really listened to me because I was a kid. They always took my mother's side and blamed me for my anger. Everyone thought I was crazy the whole time because my dad left when I was three.

In the end I didn't talk to them because I was tired. This whole time (which no one thought or believed) I was just a super angry kid because I was mad at home, then something happened at school, and then I came home to argue with my mom. It was just a cycle that never stops.

I eventually went to several homestays and lived there for two years starting at the age of 14.

That's enough about that. My childhood was just hating. As for my sister (Kora), she is now six years old, and I have been away from her for two years. I am 21 years old now. When I left, I finally saw how toxic my mother had been all these years. It's crazy, it's not the worst.

Manipulative, arrogant, you question my progress and start talking only to show that "there is no progress and you're still immature". Again, only 6 years old) and got involved in politics at a very young age. He talks about everything from Jeffrey Epstein to presidents, Q anon, and the bug foot on a starship in the sky. Normally you can believe all you want, but she got so carried away that she made religion out of it! However, I wouldn't be surprised if she had shelter from Trump. So much so that she and her friends can seem like a cult.

Adding to the point, when I left, he fought tooth and nail to get me back, begging, "But I let you dye your hair and pierce your ears at sixteen." "But I left you with that stupid relationship that I don't trust." So, "Why are you leaving me? Is it because of the way I treated you? Is this how you're going to pay me? Is that what I get?" I'm 19 years old.

She threatened to kill herself at some points. In front of my sister no less. You also said that I obviously have a demon inside of me? I will pass this commitment on to my fiancée. I don't understand anything.

Anyway, because she's crazy, she puts borax in her drinking water to "help purify the water." Yes, I'm talking about the dust that ants don't like. Then he gave my little sister Ivermectin when she was sick. Thorns I'm talking about is what is used to deworm horses, it's not for humans, it's poison for us.

That's the question: What can I do to get my sister to safety without putting her in the system like I did? I'd like to have guardianship over her, or at least someone I trust. If the system is the only way, I will accept it. However, I have already contacted her, as well as the authorities and the CPS. None of them helped and also said if we call again they will accuse us of harassment.

I don't know what my mother did to avoid getting caught, but she has a silver tongue for her words when she wants to get her way.

My sister is in danger. They poisoned her, they brainwashed her, and one day she turned her back on me, and they didn't even let her go to school for real, only at home because apparently my mother

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