My sister had a medical problem and went to the emergency room LEGAL ADVICE ANSWER

 My sister had a medical problem and she went to the ER, they tried to help but it got

 worse and they sent her to the ER, they did blood work and a CT scan and the results

 were posted on the app within 3.5 hours. us being there. We then waited another 9

 hours to see a doctor, while several others were treated and sent home. We were in a

 curtained room off the hallway (no privacy at all) talking amongst ourselves about how

 frustrating we had been waiting for so long and how disgusted we were with the

 bugs crawling on the floor.

The nurse overheard us talking and stomped her feet, tore the curtain, and exclaimed

 that there was no doctor here to see him. She had no answers as to why she was seeing

 other patients. Then another woman came over, not a nurse, she rolled her eyes, put

 her hands up, and said, "Okay, I'll clean the floor for you." I think she thought bed

 bugs were the problem. My sister went down the hall to clean her room and they

 brought in a 350 pound security guard to stand over her and scare her. More was said

 but no one became violent and aggressive and within 5 minutes we were back in the

 curtained off area waiting for the doctor again.

However, a few minutes later, the Gigantor security guard returned with another burly

 man who was in civilian clothes and was previously unrecognized, and told us to leave

 or we would be arrested. We left without another word. The hospital put a note in his

 chart that he was yelling at the staff and that he was "out of control.

Two days later, I finally saw my primary care doctor, who took blood samples and

 found my sister in rehab. He sent her to another ER which did the surgery she needed,

 but now it was more difficult and dangerous than it would have been if she had been

 treated at the first hospital. She is recovering now, and luckily she should be fine. But

 this first hospital must be held accountable for everything that happened there.

What are the appropriate steps to follow here? How do you find a lawyer to help you

 in a situation like this? Is a lawyer the best way to deal with it? Please answer quickly,

 what are you going to do?

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  1. welcome to legal supports
    And why not file a complaint with the appropriate medical committee. No attorney will handle the case because you have no damages.
    Saying this as someone who is very knowledgeable about navigating the world of med mal over the past year
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