My question is if they fired me for reporting and doing the right things

 So I work in a group home. This is my first time working in a group home but I know what abuse looks like. My co-worker was threatening and yelling at the residents every single day. I told my boss about one of my co-workers threatening residents with scissors and she said she would talk to them later about it but the behavior continued and nothing would change. So I decided to report everything that had happened to Adult Protective Services. My co-workers easily found out that I was the one who reported them and it only got worse. They were all day blatantly and downright rude to me. In front of my bosses too. I think I will be fired. My question is if they fire me for reporting and doing the right things, isn't that a wrongful termination? Is this allowed? I'm just bracing myself.

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  1. If your co-workers think nothing of threatening any of the group home residents, what will they do to you if they get angry enough to think nothing? Did you get fired from work and come after you, for example? I would leave if they hadn't already been evicted, and consult a local attorney in your area to be reassured
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