My mother specifically passed away on February 15, 2023 in a lodge in Louisiana. Legal advice

My mama precisely passed away on February 15th, 2023 in lodge in Louisiana. Her hearthstone( where her Medicare and Medicaid transferred correspondence, where all her croakers were at, and where she listed her address on her auto enrollment , etc) is in Mississippi. After going into absolution from her first cancer opinion in 2019, she vended her house and she bought an caravan. She set it up permanently in Texas in a nice caravan demesne with other retirees. She demanded to be near to her grandkids and 2 daughters. She took to keep the caravan in the same city I lived in, and my family lived 3 hours down.

whirlwind forth to spring of 2022. While visiting her family in Louisiana, she starts feeling under the rainfall. She visits her Dr and they detect stage 4 fragile cell lung cancer. The prognostic was grim, with croakers only giving away her 12 weeks to reside. She fought and held on for nearly a time.

During that time, she left the caravan in Texas, closed up( I would periodically go check in on it). She enough much went along between Louisiana( her family) and her stylish crony's home( Mississippi) when she was not in the sanitarium. It was her want that her caravan be vended upon her death to pay for her final charges. It was not.

One day, nearly 6 months before mama failed during the summer of 2022, my family and her hubby came and snared up the caravan, gutted it out, threw EVERYTHING in the dumpster, brought around it down to where they reside, and vended out! They contended my aunt told them to do it, stating that mama was around to go and she was panicked thinking she could not pay for her finalexpenses.However, why was not I allow in on that deliberation? Also, why was not my mama told about it until MONTHS latterly when she demanded to come visit one last time and stay in her caravan at Thanksgiving? That is when my family was forced into telling her, If that was the case. My mama got$ 7k ago for an caravan she paid$ 15k for 3 times prior. It was still in enough much the same condition. No bone really knows for sure what my mama did with the$ 7k cashiers check that my family posted her. My sis says she deposited it, my aunt says she set up$ 1k in cash in a box in mama 's closet with a damage showing off she would cashed the check. Does not append up to me. How does a woman too sick to indeed get out of pad give$ 6k in cash without anyone differently noting and nobody to show off for it? consequently dispensable to enunciate, when mama passed, she had no insurance, and the one thing she would counted on to pay her final charges was gone along.

The only other thing my mama had was a Nissan Altima. She loved that auto. She made it known to everyone around her that her auto was to go to me. My auto had broken up down about the time she would gotten sick again and she knew I could not go a new bone . She demanded me to have it also as a thanks for invariably being there for her, helping her, taking care of her, and serving whatever she demanded. My family has 2 instruments. She also noway helped mama when she demanded it, except birthright at the end. When I came to know my mama the last time, her auto was gone along. They contended they had to vend it to pay for the cremation. It was not the topmost auto, but the filthy book was at least$ 6k. They spoke they had it rated and it was vended for$ 2k. consequently I did not get the auto, her wishes were again discarded.

Of course, mama noway got any of this in jotting or got around to making a will. I tried. The only thing I ever got that may or may not be applicable is a restricted authority of attorney. When she bought the caravan, she was still moving out of her MS home and someone demanded to subscribe on her behalf and admit the caravan, authorize it's placement in the demesne, etc. consequently she gave POA to me in 2019.

Another uproarious thing, my aunt spoke her cremation was going to bring$ 2000. But when the burial home called to get my concurrence to cremate, I asked, and they told me$ 1400, but that SS would pay$ 255 of that. The church where her keepsake was at, did it for free. The charnel my aunt got her was only$ 75, not the.$ 300-$ 400 she contended it was. AND. mama drew disability of$ 1500 a month. Where are her last checks? She spent the last 2 months in pad, sick and weak, with the last 2 weeks of that in lodge. And what happed to the$ 1000 cash that was apparently in her closet? Why was not all of this exercised to give her the burial she demanded, rather of going against her wishes and cremating her?

I tried asking questions before mama failed. It rounded up getting me thrown out of my aunts house, with my mama observing helplessly as she screamed my name and prayed me not to leave her there. It was the last time I'd ever know my mama . I was told not to come ago. They also make me out of everything, every deliberation, every resolution, indeed getting to enunciate farewell to her. She passed 2 weeks latterly. I did not indeed see she had been set in a lodge locus.

I was going to allow all this go, to allow my mama rest in peace, and to precisely noway verbalize to those certain poisonous blood ingredients again but the more I suppose about it, the angrier I get. And the more my heart breaks for my mama , my stylish crony, my idol. I do not see what my options are. My mama lived in MS, auto registered in MS, possessed property in TX, but failed in LA. My sis and I both reside in TX. My aunt( mama 's family) who I suppose is every fleck as responsible for all this mess as my family, lives in LA. What can I do? I see it's too late to go ago and revise the expressway the final arrangements were made, but I'd like to make them come clean about it all, rejoinder for what they've done, and yes, pay for all the suffering they set my mama and methrough.However, thank you, If you've read all this. And sorry for the long post, it's precisely a ton of word. Thanks in advance for any help.

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