My landlord has many homes being ripped off his way-legal advice

 My landlord has multitudinous homes for laceration on her road. I have leased my hearthstone for 2 times with no effects consequently I

 appertained my family to my landlord for casing. She picked the house beside cornucopia and did a turn through with the landlord before phase. They agreed to there demanding to be a ton of work done to the position and the landlord spoke she would get on fixing everything. My family inked a parcelmid-December and the work on this 150 time old house began. Windows were displaced, some oil, etc. My family noway shifted into the house while work was being done because there was no heat. The landlord was grassed numerous moments that the only heat source for the house( a fragile mini cleft in the living space) was not blowing hot air. The landlord told my family to leave it on anyhow despite it only blowing cold air. Not wanting to run up an electric bill with non working out heat, my family turned the mini cleft off( cuz there was zero point of it being on blowing electricity or by making the space feel important colder blowing cold air). My family was staying an hour down and was unfit to come up for a week and in that time we had a night that got down to 5 stages. When my family returned a week latterly to begin moving effects into the house( early January), she was met by our angry landlord. She spoke because my family turned off the heat in the living space, it redounded in the all of the restroom pipes indurating. As my family was calmly agitating this with the landlord, the enraptured landlord's hubby busted up in the house, possessed my family and started belittling her asking how stupid she was, stating she is not fit to reside in one of his houses, ect. Seeing how spooked my family was, my landlord hauled her hubby down from my family and made him go outdoors. Knowing her Hispanic swain and sire were outdoors in the auto, my family hastened outside to detect the hubby now draining the swain with ethnical slurs stating no Mexicans were welcome in his settlements. The landlord dragged her hubby to the auto and they sped off, her embarrassed by her misters geste . My family contacted the landlord the same night stating she has 30 days of subscribing the parcel to back out and since she was cornered, her swain was racially disrespected and the fact that she noway officially shifted by, she asked her screen precipitate ago. My landlord told her absolutely not because they're keeping the plutocrat to fix the pipes that burst. Then is the thing the mini cleft is only able of hotting a single space consequently there's no expressway IF the heat was indeed working out that the heat could reach the restroom across the house.( My house has one too, consequently I see what I am talking about AND My hubby is in HVAC). My family was told no room heaters because they pop the swell. I went along through and verified multitudinous moments with my family that it was only blowing cold air. The landlord indeed called the heat joe out and they spoke it was not working out right and fixed it( after all of this theater went along down between my family and landlord).( consequently if the landlord yelled at my family that the heat was working out, why'd she call a form man?) Also, the house had been empty for times before my family shifted it with no electricity. Our former downtime we had an ice and snow storm that caused the entire pastoral area to lose authority for over a week. Since no bone chorded the water during the turn through or at any point trying to fix the house up, the pipes might have probably been broken up BEFORE my family inked her parcel. My family has textbooks from the landlord where an arrangement was made that if my family and her swain helped do work on the house, they would be paid. They did roughly$ 300 in work and were noway refunded. My family precisely wants to wash her grasp of all of this but she wants to take the landlord to court to be refunded her screen precipitate, payment for the work and accoutrements the landlord vowed to pay them and she would also like to know if she could get them for being racist stating they don't give fair casing and that her swain and child were discerned against. She knows where to file, but which forms she needs to file exactly are unknown. We reside in Virginia if that helps. Thank you all for reading and helping.

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    You need to formally notify the landlord of her intent not to refund and state that she wants her security deposit back (which apparently she did). They have to return the key and give the forwarding address and the owner has 45 days from that date to return the security deposit or a detailed list of what they're holding it for and why.
    Then she could sue to recover the wealthy, and make the landlord pay the cost of the court. And if the Va is a triple state, she can sue for more than 3 times the sum insured
    I searched for all of this in 5 blinks
    So, it's worth exploring and doing what you want to do.
    Keep all textbooks and emails.
    And I will not put up with the racist side. IMO not worth fighting.
    I would like to make a formal notice by registered correspondence
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