Legal problem with real estate broker Please answer my inquiry

 My woman and I bought a home in February 2022 as a private trade. The dealer had lately put up some drywall in the basement covering about a third of the walls, the rest exposed slipup blocks.

In the purchase agreement, the dealer bared some water leaks in the basement but also, principally no problems. The house was for trade as is but we went ahead and did an examination, which came back fine because they did not remove the drywall to check it.

We lately decided to start revising our basement and I removed some of the drywall to find that the dealer had plywood on the reverse of the superstuds and poured cement down the aft side of the plywood. After taking it all piecemeal I set up the foundation oppressively fraudulent and large cracks each around.

After getting a many quotations to fix it up, the price ranged from$ 10k to$ 25k.

We've considered taking legal action against the dealer to try and recoup this cost, but we aren't sure if we've any legal base to stand on. The drywall has"10/18/21" date canons and large cracks were sealed with silicone to fill them in, so there is really no denying that this was not a masking job.

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  1. Welcome to the free legal advice website. First, you must prove that they were aware of the damage to the foundation and lied about it. They exposed the leak, and your inspector signed everything off, so I don't think you can go after them on the job of correcting the mistakes they did.
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