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 We're in California. My woman bought a auto for me on Jan 11th of this

 time from a exercised lot. She was approved for the loan through a bank he declined to tell us the name of until Feb 11th. He demanded 2000 down for the auto, we paid 1500 and the other 500 over disbursements. He concluded not to blink the final paperwork to the bank until he entered the rest of the down( without informing us). Come time to make the first auto payment I am trying to call the bank who has no story of the clinch at all. He proceeds to have me shoot him the first payment directly avouching the finance company will take it from him. On March 6th he has us come in to subscribe the deal again because too important time has passed to blink it to the bank. On March 23rd my woman is laid off from her job & the lot proprietor connections us on March 24th yelling about intruding up the entire deal because now the bank will not authorize the loan & now he has to bankroll in house and set a shamus on the auto( this would be a non conclusion had he submitted the paperwork in january when we bought the auto). We have asked if he could lower the yearly disbursements or switch us to a auto that has lesser disbursements and a working out AC, he declined. This all feels actually weird to me as we didn't buy this agent agreeing to a shamus or anything like this. It's been a miserable experience. He spoke the deal is still shackling and there is nobody we can do. Do we've any options then?

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    Were you allowed to take the car with a drop of 1500? Most likely you weren't approved without providing the proper funds so he couldn't provide it and now that it's been a while since you lowered your down payment the bank won't fund anymore because of the risk involved in laying it off
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