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The 88-year-old Mexican 'boy', player and captain Xavier López Rodríguez, who passed away on Saturday at the age of 88, will be remembered as Chapilo, a boisterous short-sleeved boy who was a part of life. Mexicans. He 

played it for the first time in the fifties.

"It's a very sad morning," said the player's relatives.

Occasionally, you may receive promotional content from the San Diego Union-Tribune in Spanish.

In addition, López Miranda's family asked Mexicans and followers of the iconic Chapleau to pray for his consolation, as well as to allow him to mourn his death in peace.

“With a broken spirit and knowing that many, many people loved him for many years and will mourn his death, we ask you to pray for his comfort and the opportunity to grieve in peace the pain that overwhelms our entire family,” he said. say.

Although Chaplow grew up and lived most of his life in Mexico, López was born on February 17, 1935 in Chicago, United States, where his parents met and lived.

He served a few months at a military base in San Diego, although he never saw combat because the conflict had ended in those days.

Upon his return to Mexico after being recruited, he entered the university to study medicine, but by chance and necessity he began working as a general assistant for the nascent Mexican television.

On one occasion, the announcer and presenter Ramiro Gamboa “Tío Gamboin”, knowing his ability to imitate sounds, asked him to read a joke from a book.

It was about a father and a son named Chaplow, and when he read it, he did the voice of a boy who would accompany him from now on, despite his 300-foot height.

Gamboa invited him to tell him jokes on the air, and thus Chappelo was born during the broadcast of the children's musical Carrusel.

Also with the character began López's career in show business, which led him to abandon his medical studies.

After living for a time in New York, where he worked in theater and cinema, he returned to Mexico and worked as a scriptwriter for the program "La media hora de Chabelo" that had been on the air for more than seven years and from which comedy programs were derived. ..

He has worked in various film productions alongside famous directors such as Ismail Rodríguez and Arturo Ripstein, as well as comedians such as Germán Valdés "Tintín", Manuel "Loco Valdés", Gaspar Henin "Capullina" and Mario Moreno "Cantinflas".

In November 1967, he broadcasts his family-oriented Sunday game show En Familia with Chabelo, serving as writer, producer, and captain.

In 2012, he obtained two Guinness World Comments certificates for his 44 years as the presenter of "En familia con Chabelo" and for his work as an actor for 57 years playing the character "Chabelo, friend of all children."

Without a ban, on November 27, 2015, he announced the end of "En Familia", after 48 years of continuous broadcast on the Televisa network.

“Everything in life has a cycle, a beginning and an end,” Shapilo said in a video posted to social media after weeks of rumors about the fate of his show.

But he continued to act as the same boy in shorts until December of that year on the television show Parody, despite his wrinkled face and high, scratchy boyish voice.

But in 2018, many people heard his natural voice for the first time in the thriller "The Mongolian Conspiracy," in which he played a military man.

In 2019, he denied the rumors on the networks about alleged health problems and said in October, with his characteristic humor: "I'm fine. Those who stutter are very bad. With all my love, I send them a horn." A part of the life of Mexico has died

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