I have some problems with my friend and partner and I want legal advice؟

 My friend and I recently started a business and we haven't actually had any sales yet and it wasn't until the beginning of this year that the business was fully open.

Before starting our company we helped an ex-friend by cleaning out his work computer and later replacing it with a refurbished one. This was in november.

Then she had some internet issues which turned out to be something else in her house that her husband had discovered himself.

Now she's having supply issues we offered to go out and fix but her husband kept trying different things and it didn't work out

Now she claims we never told her it was refurbished and unfortunately this conversation took place over the phone and not via text between her husband and my boyfriend. They gave us money to buy the computer up front but we didn't overcharge it or buy it back and resell it to them.

She is also threatening to take us to court if we don't pay her back which is something we can't do financially at this time.

I know that since our company is not yet formed, I will suggest removing her from any suit immediately and I know that turns into what she said, so I just have a question what kind of leg should we stand on here?

Serviced as a favor to a friend and they revoked my bf being able to come out and look at it several times so we made a reasonable effort to resolve the issue.

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  1. What are the documents or documents holding these services that you own? How much cash did they give you? If all they asked for was a computer and you gave it to them in exchange for money, that transaction was considered "as is," and it took a very long time for them to claim it didn't work in any way. Even if it was purchased new from a retailer, any self-work on it voids the warranty. You may also prove if your husband has altered or repaired it and refuses to let the two of you fix it. Because of what I said, I don't think they have a case to bring from the original
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