I have problems with my neighbors regarding cutting down trees in my house legal advice?

 I reside on an acre plot in a fragile city in Ohio

The neighbors above has around 20 trees about 4ft in on her property line. These trees are extremely high and are unattractive.

The neighbors neared me about cutting these trees down and unyoking the cost. She spoke it would bring us2000.00. We knew that appraisal was n’t right.

She latterly set up out it was,000 a tree. It'll be in the vicinity of 20-,000 for our share.

We do not have that sort of plutocrat unless we excavate deep in our savings or do a home impartiality loan. One of us is retired and the other workshop to pay for our son’s council. We reside abjectly. They've blood plutocrat and this isn't a significant quantum to also.

Yes, the trees are unattractive. Yes, there's a potentiality of a tree falling on our house.

Do we've any legit responsibility to support them? If one cascade, it's an act of God? My insurance would have to cover it? What if we get told the trees could fall and we do not pay and they do fall. Would we also be liable for the repairs?

We get along with our neighbors, but I'm hysterical this will produce a lot of cases.

I'll be honest, I'm spooked that 1- 2 could fall on the house. They want “ all or none ” to mske their property look nicer.

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If they are within 4 feet of their property line, in no way will you be liable to pay for the lower lol
You have to call your home owners insurance and manage this scenario with your home owners insurance in case the tree falls.
2. If you have located areas that deal with property disputes, I will call your city tomorrow and manage it.
A judge won't make you pay your neighbor to help him cut down his trees. At this point, the neighbors tell you this is borderline extortion. I will stop talking to them

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