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 Please transfer my subject, I live in the state of New York

I am in an abusive relationship, not physically but emotionally, verbally and 

psychologically. We tried to get a protection order from my husband for me 

and the kids but they said it wasn't enough even with the voice memos. I 

even called cps on my husband, at the end of his visit and the worker was 

laughing like old friends even though my kids say their dad is sometimes

mean and violent. I suggested counseling, so I stuck with it but it never went. 

They closed the case despite not showing up for a surprise visit. I want to 

take my kids and leave for my siblings who are 2 hours away, same state but 

in a different county. I know I'm allowed to take the kids and then apply for 

emergency custody. I was wondering if I was allowed to take the family car? 

My husband still has one with him. It is not in my name but it was purchased 

during the marriage and I have insurance.

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  1. Advice for you do not take the car. Your name is not on the address and they can report it stolen
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