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Hi, working in Pennsylvania (an at-will state) and have some questions. My manager served me with a write up today for my "bad attitude". We had a meeting about this weeks ago where he claimed to have "several complaints" about my negativity. I was blindsided, as I really only commiserate with my coworkers and am not any more or less negative than they are. I said not a problem, I will speak to them. We are all very close and open with each other. He said he was writing me up and I could sign it another time. I was very confused! I spoke to my coworkers and it turns out he is very upset because of a few negative messages about HIM that we sent to another shift on Teams. Nothing really bad, but he clearly is taking it very personally, and specifically taking it out on me because last year, I filed a complaint about his behaviour to the CoO, who spoke to everyone working here and got a bunch of complaints about unprofessionalism from him. He has had it out for me ever since. He was extremely unprofessional during this meeting, he used several personal insults, insinuated that my team doesn't want me on the job anymore (Each individually said that nobody said that and they have no idea what he is talking about) and that if "it continues" I will be terminated. He asked what my "problem" was and I stated that recently, he screamed at us again (he yelled at us last year which is what led to contacting the CoO) and he said he refuses to apologize because I asked an "irrelevant question" and deserved it. He claimed I trained new employees poorly (confirmed with coworkers that I have actually not trained anyone), said I was taking long breaks but then admitted that nearly everyone is doing this.. then why am I being written up specifically? I could list it all but please trust that nearly everything he said was incredibly inappropriate and personal. I tried to defend myself but he kept attacking me. I left the office very lost.
I spoke at length with my coworkers and they are angry. They are all wondering when they will be written up for being unhappy about management, and one of them reached out to the CoO to say that something needs to be done and this is highly inappropriate. He said he is keeping it anonymous for now. I also reached out to him and he said he'd like to get on a call but then never followed up and that was a week ago. Another coworker said he would really like to speak to the CoO but is afraid to reach out for fear of losing his job. The mood is very tense. My manager has done several possibly illegal things, like telling all of us about one employees' personal reasons for calling off, another employees' medical issues (why are you telling us this???) Asking if people have cars or kids during interviews.. he just doesn't seem to know what you can or cannot do..
Today I was served with the actual write up. I started writing in the "Comment" section: "I would like the opportunity to submit a rebuttal. I disagree with the situation as described." (My coworkers suggested I do this and argue that this is all incorrect and not being handled properly) He got incredibly angry and told me that the "Board of Directors did not say I had to write anything." I said I know, but I was advised on what to do and I am writing it, that I have the right to defend myself. He shot back by saying that my coworkers are not the Board of Directors and that I can "go ahead and write whatever I want, then." He grabbed the paper and dismissed me very angrily.
I started writing my rebuttal letter tonight, and I have some questions.. does HR take these seriously? (My manager has told me several times about how much he hates our HR and encouraged me to complain about any little issue I had, so I don't know if this will matter) Can you request that a 3rd party be present for meetings if you are uncomfortable with your manager? But more importantly..
Last year in November, they removed our overtime. We were all pretty angry but eventually moved past it. I had to leave for a DV court situation, so I had to explain to my boss that I may suddenly leave for this reason and he kept asking me questions. I let it slip that part of my reason for wanting the OT was to buy a security system for my house because I felt unsafe. He was very kind and sympathetic to me. Weeks later, he texted me and said him, his wife, and two other family members pooled their money and wrote me a personal check for $1100. He said he told them about my situation (I never said he could tell anyone and in fact asked him to keep it between us?) and I said I felt very uncomfortable accepting it, as he did not personally take my OT away but the company did. I also said that while it is incredibly nice of him to offer, I felt uneased knowing that my manager told his personal family members about my situation without my permission. All of this was done via text. He told me to keep it private and I did until recently when I told a coworker because I really needed someone to understand how weird this entire thing is. He says he is completely weirded out and that I need to tell someone else. I don't want to, but it sure seems like my manager is out to get me fired for something I didn't do..
I know this post is all over the place, but.. if he does try to have me terminated, was it legal for him to offer me a personal check to cover the companys' OT? Or just inappropriate? I find it completely ridiculous that he would claim I am complaining about our company and yet in texts, says he wants to personally cover my expenses due to the company removing OT... seems like complaining about the company to me? And always telling his staff how much he hates our HR?
My performance at work is excellent, my coworkers have told me recently that their evaluations of me back in August which were all very positive are still very much true. I want this to all stop and for us to just be able to do our jobs in peace, but he is seemingly trying to paint a narrative where all of the issues in the facility are my fault, when everyone disagrees and says they are his..
Thanks for reading and I know this is a weird post, I am so overtired this week.

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