I had a terrible fall down the stairs 8 degrees above my husband was asleep

Thankful I can post anonymously

Then’s our situation. I had a terrible fall down the stairs. 8 stairs over. My hubby was sleeping and my sire was coming to him half asleep, observing a movie. My sire heard the thud and incontinently went along to check, because he knew I was downward . I was headed over to them, with too numerous quenchers in me, got dizzy and fell half expressway over.

I passed a comprehensive left beak fracture and right beak fracture as well. This is from the jolt of the horrendous fall. I flash back falling, stating, “ ohhh sh t ” and being on the ground.

My sire heard it like I spoke and he wakened his pater up. He'd to achieve cpr on me because I was n’t breathing. By the time EMS landed, I was.

We're martial in California so this is a monumental deal.

The martial 100 cleared him of any lawbreaking.

I was airlifted to the sanitarium. Treated like comprehensive sh t once I wakened up 5 hours latterly. also told my hubby was enchanted for domestic violence. also, formerly I wakened up told me I had to leave, and if I could punch( since our auto was there.)

My sire eyed us the exclusive night. He’s 12. Why is n’t he believable?!

My hubby got charged with 4th place felony for DV for my fall.

But the icing on the cutlet is my hubby called my family to allow her see I was I was in the sanitarium, and also she( or her hubby) called the police for a weal check,500 long hauls down 2 hours after the fact. We have n’t discerned them in 6 times.

After asking her numerous moments, since we do not have the report, she conceded it. She wo n’t tell me if she submitted anything but she's my only true race relative alive and I talk to her about everything.

Please support me see what’s going to be. Can this get retired?! It’s my hubby Vs CA not me.


NAL What I see. Is when you go to court tell the judge what be. But they could say you are coving up for him. Beget by alot of cases that is what a woman does. I would also get the word from the service where they said he was not at fault. They could also say the son is covering also. Being 12 say dv is passing the kiddies get it also. So I would surely get a attorney that's well clued on dv to help you.

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