I am in a strange situation. I am 43 years old and married to a 44 year old man

I am in a strange situation. I (43 years old) married a man (44 years old) in 2012 and moved with him to his parents' apartment downstairs. The marriage came close to being really toxic, and he also met new "Knights" and started using powerful drugs in 2018

This caused a lot of bad fights. Finally, at the end of 2020 we had a really huge event and his parents took me out without one and I had to leave the car I was driving. I hooked up what I could before the slime came to get me, and since then I've also been under 2 hours.

Now more than 3 times recently. I stopped communicating with him directly after maybe a half time, allowing my kid to arrange pickups for more of my stuff every few months. His blood and I don't talk. What collegiate knights we've become more connected with than I could have ever imagined. The couple who stayed close to him were delivering medicine with him and now I'm in contact with those people no more.

Now I heard several weeks ago that he failed to overdose, but that information only comes from one person's Facebook post. Nothing can reveal the science of necrosis. His parents refused to answer the phone or answer calls from my boyfriend whom he knew quite a bit (I'm hysterical about calling people, especially those who don't like me. Don't judge me).

I resent his drugged friend making this post because they help him copy him for any argument. Maybe he's hiding from someone. With all of these reasons, my question is how can I be sure, in Virginia, that it actually fails? We have mismatched circuits and a bad race. Do I gain this knowledge and the instrument of death because today we instituted divorce? What do I do? I desperately need an adult dating.

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