He told me he hit my ass after legal advice

I used to live in a ghetto apartment complex really, I lived there 

for about 10 months. A few months ago, we got new neighbors 

downstairs, a young guy maybe 18 or 19, and a girl of the same 

age who appeared to be pregnant. Shortly after they moved 

inside, I noticed a car was cutting me hard in traffic, and it was 

the guy from downstairs. I never spoke to either of them, besides 

when he hit her one time and she was crying outside, I looked 

into the stairwell and asked if she was okay. It is completely unhinged and yesterday morning before 8:00 am we were woken

 up by a scream from the man below us. He's the kind of white 

guy who always says the n-word. And he would call her 

"b****a**n*****" over and over at the top of his lungs to wake 

her up to take him to the infirmary. My son woke me up and 

talked to me about the things he was saying because you could 

hear it because it was so loud. I turned on the TV so my kids 

couldn't hear it but then I could hear them outside very clearly 

because we had a crack in our window. She was pulling out of 

the driveway and he was on the passenger side and the windows 

were completely blown out and I could hear him very clearly 

screaming at her and then punching her in the face. She wasn't 

even trying to reply or say anything at all. I got out and leaned 

over the rail and said you better stop hitting her so he got out of 

the car and slammed the door and started coming towards me 

telling me he was going to hit my ass next.

My question is as a single mother with a child, is it overreacting if I try to terminate my lease and do I have the right to do so? He was aggressive with me over and over again even when I never spoke to him except for this incident and he is a neurotic and disrespectful person.

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  1. Why don't you call the police to prove a case and defend yourself? Please call the state police in which you live and tell them everything that is happening. They will take a pledge not to threaten you again.
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