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Good afternoon and thank you for allowing me to join the

 group! I have a query regarding the small claims track and the advice I received from the court service this morning. I have a friend who is a former British national and currently resides in the US. He comes over once a year and, until recently, kept a small car here to avoid rental costs during extended stays. Last autumn, he asked someone he knew to sell his car for him after returning to the US. The car was sold, however, despite repeated messages asking for the money to be sent, and repeated assurances that it would be, it has still not materialized some four months later, and he now feels it is time to take the small claims route

I was asked by a friend in France to act on his behalf and I informed the court that I will act on his behalf and that my address is also the address of the notification, there were no problems. Speaking with the Court Service this morning they indicated that this is now no longer the case and that court claims can only be created by people living in England and Wales and that there is no longer an option on claims forms to provide additional details for those outside the country wishing to add a third party to the disposition on their side. Is that

If it’s not the case then without going through the application before I have all the details is there in fact an option for either my friend to put his own US address forward with mine as the correspondence address? Or, alternatively, is there an option on the forms for me to act on his behalf

Any advice gratefully received

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