Do we have to sue the landlord for not evicting us properly? And the son to steal personal property?

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This is in Douglas County Nevada

Just looking for legal advice and what forms to fill out for the court. We have already started getting the necessary pictures and papers together for what is ours. He has already given some of our things to people. Will we be able to get it back?

I have a very confusing mess. Please read and respond to my topic

Auto shop worker. My bf has worked there for 11 years. It wasn't in the books. The manager was his friend and was just helping him while he was using part of the shop to do his own business with his customers. The president stopped paying rent for the building. Bf spoke to the landlord and asked him if he kept paying and paying the rent if he could keep renting once the boss retired. He said yes. He took his rent payments for 7 months by cashier's check. The president passed away on the first of April. The boss son who has nothing to do with the store came to the store and changed the locks. He said we could all meet the next day to discuss everything. Bf asked for a copy of the key and said they would talk the next day.

The next day they meet at the store. The owner said he didn't want to rent the building anymore. The chief's son gives his bf a few hours to get some of his belongings out. He said they could meet again the next day. Asked for the key and was told he couldn't get a key.

The next day, his son did not call Pf. I saw on bfs cam the shop was emptied. I tried calling and texting the son to let him know he was taking friendly stuff.

After that he said his bf is not allowed on the property or he will call the police.

Coos called when we went to pick up our personal vehicles that weren't in the back deck. The cops didn't help and said he was allowed to keep our luggage and that was a civil matter.

Now all the belongings are in an unknown area and the son will not communicate with us.

Do we have to sue the landlord for not evicting us properly? And the son to steal personal property?

There was no lease. It was month to month but nothing was ever offered. All agreement was verbal. He took 7 months of payment from us. Shouldn't the owner tell the son that we have the right to be there and have our belongings?

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    NAL Google reports that rights teanats will have resources to learn about your state's laws and what to do next. Gather proof of lease agreement...such as letters etc., proof of LL accepting late payment and agreeing to let BF take over the lease, videos of items being removed, proof of it being given/sold... pretty much everything. Quotes about the money you have lost or will lose because now customer items are torn and parts missing. I believe you have a lawsuit on your hands... against the son for changing locks, stealing your property and the financial damages your friend incurs for not being able to complete his services to his clients due to theft. LL is probably just an illegal insurance agent at least. Good luck this is terrible.
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