Legal advice regarding two married couples of 25 years of age who own a home


Two married people, 26 years old, same age, own a house, 4 children. They are both good fathers and basically decent people. It was decided to divorce.

Spouse A - Always works a 9-5 job. Makes 44,000 years old.

Spouse B - has a job that leads to a high position. Makes 74,000 a year. With connections from the job, you get a great interest rate on a private loan to open a franchise. The franchise opens in his name. But with a lot of physical help from husband A and the others.

Spouse A is now their own boss.

Spouse A files for divorce a year after opening the business.

Husband A moves out of the house and moves in with his significant other. They both still co-parent in a 50/50 ratio.

The marriage continues for another two years.

Husband (a) files for divorce as soon as possible.

Husband B at the time was being treated for depression.

Pair B says, "Okay." Let's just be happy.

In 2019, they both signed dissolution papers. Indicating that everything happens and that both parties are happy with the result. The home (in both names), the business is listed as a business owned by Spouse A, but otherwise it is not specified what percentage will be split. No lawyers are used. Spouse B obtains verbal agreement from Spouse A to a 60/40 division of labor. Which is fine with that.

cut to serve -

The house is still listed in both names.

Business is going well.

Husband A has given Husband $500 per month for 4 years now. (6000,00 per year).

Husband A took multiple trips to Mexico, and the kids to Disney raised their own salary to $100,000 a year. I rented a car for $60,000 through the company. getting plastic surgery, etc. Husband A is clearly doing very well.

Meanwhile, Spouse B is still earning $40,000 per year on top of Spouse A's $6,500.00 per year and is struggling to make ends meet.

Question, does spouse B have any legal recourse at this stage, 4 years after signing the dissolution papers? The business was listed as an asset along with the house, but it wasn't quite tangled up in how it was subdivided. Technically, Spouse A still owns 100% of the business and 50% of the home. And now we talked about not giving husband B another moment. advice ? I think it's clear who husband B is 😉. Thank you for any advice

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