So my significant other was with a young lady 12 years prior.

So my significant other was with a young lady 12 years prior. She went behind his back with a person, they separated then she discovered she was pregnant. He doesn't recollect much yet that it arranged to be potentially either man. Child was conceived she and the man let him know he took a paternity test and the child is his, he apparently marked the birth authentication and gave him his last name my better half said cool I'm out and approached his life. Quick forward to 2021 we saw my significant other had youngster support emerging from his checks. Found it there's a case in Kentucky ( we live in wv, consistently have) for a 11 year old that was taken from his mother and put into child care. It's the kid. The case was opened on the grounds that her kids were eliminated from her authority ahe was a someone who is addicted had a great deal of children and I surmise they opened cases on them My better half was in jail at that point so never received any mail or summon or anything about court. Dislike he might have stayed away from court. They ought to have informed/taken him... In any case discovered 2 years after the fact currently paying each check and financially past due. We want paternity done have no clue about what to do. Kid is with temporary family in Florida with different kin. We don't have any idea where to start or on the other hand assuming it's ideal for them to make him pay by any means. Be that as it may, atleast need to begin by laying out paternity yet 3 states are involved. Where we reside where he is and where the case was opened. Any counsel is valued.

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