Ok....me and my beau have been together for 3 yrs...he has been seperated

me and my beau have been together for 3 yrs...he has been seperated from his better half for 6-7 years. She will not sign papers and he needs to stand by till his girl is 14 for judge to run the show. His better half needs to get him for infidelity despite the fact that she was dating a fellow and lived with him for a considerable length of time and presently split. She proceeds to rest around and won't let any stay... appearantly she feels that it could look great on her part no man living with her...she had no water and hotness and children been remaining with us....now my bf needs to recruit a lawyer...his spouse claims she can converse with judge about youngster uphold which I think she dont merit after the all out of 18k through our the years he's given her and spends it on others and medications however her own children, she will not take them to school or pick them up....is it best for sweetheart to enlist a lawyer prior to seeking legal separation or feel free to document papers despite the fact that she needs to challenge? What is less expensive And best thing to do? This lady has made a ton of passionate pain him and me and my girl also with her methodologies and words. ALABAMA LAW HERE?

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