Is there an explanation a pay garnishment could stop months prior, and afterward out of nowhere restart once more?

My accomplice owed 13k to a college. Never refreshed his location with them so they documented in the Huron region court where he used to reside. He never got an opportunity to react to the claim or even set up an installment game plan and a default judgment was set against him. He had no clue about this was in any event, occurring until his boss sent him notice of the garnishment with the court papers joined.
The garnishment emerged for a long time, and afterward halted. What's more currently has restarted. We don't have the foggiest idea why it halted or why it has restarted. There is no notice of recharging of garnishment in Ohio when googled.
All the stopping does is add more interest to the absolute installment sum, so halting and restarting isn't to his greatest advantage. They're taking 25% of his pay, so we don't have the means to make additional installments as he is the provider for the family, I'm a SAHM with an inability and can't work. At the point when the garnishment halted we thought perhaps his father (who professes to be wealthy) made the installment for him. Obviously that isn't true.

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