I definitely disapprove of the specialist co-op and I sent them two messages, kindly assistance check assuming that how I treated right

Great evening I definitely disapprove of the specialist co-op and I sent them two messages, kindly assistance check assuming that how I treated right. called the client support ordinarily and I additionally sent you an email however I didn't get any assistance, I'm sending this email once and for all after that I will send the email directly to ICASA perhaps there I'll find support. Here is my inquiry once more, I called cell C client assistance requesting an overhaul last week the woman who was helping me said that my SIM card doesn't fit the bill for an update so she will send me a new sim, I asked her what will befall the SIM I'm utilizing now since I can't bear to pay for the two of them. She said that she will assist me with dropping it and in the event that it was not called basically she will transform it from 10G to 500 mb which will cost me R49 so I'll be paying R199 and R49 this month. The I called again to check assuming she had the option to drop or change how much information on my SIM and I conversed with another woman who asked me what occurred and I clarified what happened then she kept an eye on the framework and afterward she let me know that my SIM does quality for a redesign then I inquired as to whether she can assist me with changing what ever that was off-base then she said it was raised to some unacceptable division so she will redress that. Following week on Monday on the 31st of January there was a messenger fellow at my door conveying a SIM card, following getting paperwork done for conveyance I called cell C since I was confounded now after the discussion I had with the woman from client assistance. I set aside a person this opportunity, I asked him how much am I going to pay and he said R320 I inquired as to why since that is not what I requested then he said they'll charge the sum we settled on I ought not stress, he was not quite as well disposed as the initial two women but rather essentially he responded to me. The next day on the first of February I looked at my old SIM I observed that my full information was saved rather than 500mb. I called again and the woman who addressed let me know that both my SIM cards were stacked with information so I should pay for the two of them. I asked and implore her to assist me with redressing the misstep since I can't bear to pay for two agreements I even disclosed to her what occurred and she currently new the story in light of the fact that the matter was heightened to her office after I announced and ask the woman who assisted me with raising the case to her office. She said there's nothing she can do all I really want to do is to pay for the information that was kept to me, I requested the director believing that perhaps the person could possibly help me and the woman said the supervisor won't assist me with anything. I'm extremely baffled and harmed simultaneously on the grounds that I didn't simply sign the agreement I disclosed to the expert that R199 is the sum that I can bear and when she said she will change the contact I as of now have from R148 to R49 for only one month I concurred on the grounds that I could stand to pay that sum however presently I don't have the foggiest idea.

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