Howdy, I am a female from florida. I work for an organization, and I'm moving from region to another. I'm a contracted security official.

Howdy, I am a female from florida.
I work for an organization, and I'm moving from region to another. I'm a contracted security official.
I should meet my new record director at the new site at 1:00 p.m. he advised me to sign some administrative work. As I'm on out there, he calls me and advises me to head over to the following café on the grounds that he's en route to town so it will save me a few gas. So I said sure. I halted at an eatery, headed inside and got a shake. It was a little drive-thru eatery and I headed inside and sat tight for him.
He called me around 10 minutes after the fact and advised me to come outside into his truck.
I got into his truck. He had his desk work out for me to sign. I began finishing it up, he begins with the 'I wish I had never employed you, you're so excellent, in the event that I found you elsewhere I would have picked you up.....' yakkity yak. So I only sort of get over it and say, thank you and simply chuckle about it a tad yet I let him know I actually need my work! I'm attempting to make what is going on as light as conceivable on the grounds that it's now feeling peculiar.

He advises me to quit finishing up the administrative work. Also partake in my shake. So I only sort of continue to finish up the desk work and I drink my shake. Also he tells me, 'you know you're not actually recruited for me until you get your regalia and I get this administrative work turned in'
I said OK, I know. So I continued to request the location. He let me know no, that he planned to get me. He let me know he would get me tomorrow first thing, since he has my location on my fresh recruit administrative work..

Now, he gets me and maneuvers my face into his and fundamentally sticks his tongue down my throat and says 'I need to taste that cotton treats' ...
He's resigned military and cop. He's a scary person, he's a piece more established. I attempted to drive away from him. Also he would not release me.

I at long last crawled out of the vehicle. I didn't have the foggiest idea how to treat this point I got in my vehicle and drove home. He continued to call me and it's all my telephone records yet I didn't get.

Then, at that point, to spare the gritty details, I make them say in instant message that he is sorry for The undesirable kiss and how I moved in an opposite direction from him. What's more that I have the work pretty much nothing remains to be stressed over.

He was attempting to hinder mail me, which I can't demonstrate on the grounds that I don't have any texts. in any case, he certainly physically attacked me and that vehicle and I have verification since he let it out and apologize.

Each time I attempt to get with HR with my organization, it guides me back to his office. I would rather not submit the question at the workplace, I need to submit the question to the corporate office.

In any case, this person is a slime ball. I feel revolting. I absolutely never need him doing this again to any other person ever. Also the manner in which he hit on me, he has certainly done this in his 40-year vocation.

Any counsel would help!


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