For what reason would I be able to track down a lawyer to sue a Mortuary for outrageous carelessness?

For what reason would I be able to track down a lawyer to sue a Mortuary for outrageous carelessness? This occurred in the province of Utah. My girl and her better half were separating. ( spouse filed)after a long term marriage. Girl moved to a condo and spouse moved in with his folks. They had been isolated around 4 months. The day preceding the separation hearing, spouse ended it all. His family didn't inform my little girl (the spouse). Just an eulogy in the paper made our family aware of his demise. My girl and her family shown up at the morgue for the survey and internment. A huge man in a suit met them at the entryway and informed them that they couldn't go to the burial service. Thinking this man was a burial service chief for the funeral home, they had no clue about what to do. Whenever my girl made an endeavor to get inside the room where her significant other's coffin was, the spouse's family stood up along the coffin so she was unable to see anything. Following an hour of conversation, she and family yielded and left. I called the supervisor of this morgue ( it is an enormous organization with numerous areas). The supervisor was horrified! He said the spouse of a perished ALWAYS a has need! That once an eulogy is distributed it turns into a public notification and anybody can join in. He had no clue about this had occurred and apologized bountifully! He clarified that numerous families have contrasts and are dealt with deferentially. This didn't occur! At the point when gotten some information about a huge man at the entryway, he asserted no such individual depicted works for them (we discovered later, it was a companion of the expired spouse's dad). My little girl and my family went through a deliberate malicious,irreparable and embarrassing injury! We discovered that her significant other's dad distorted himself as the lawful individual with respect to how her better half's last remaining parts be taken care of. She had no say, and never got to bid farewell to a life partner of 15 years. This will be a lifetime pain for her. I find it difficult to accept two lawyers I have conversed with won't take this case. Any contribution from a legitimate viewpoint would be greatly valued from this gathering. This Mortuary is a huge affluent partnership in the territory of Utah. Much thanks to you.

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