Yes would like to know if I can get spousal support

Yes would like to know if I can get spousal support from my husband  he took me off the bank account gives me very little money when he wants has a girlfriend  to make a long story short I also need help getting s divorced  and the sad thing is after 39yrs I'm leaving him.but the problem is we live in Texas due to the military  and I have to get back to my family in California once I'm divorce he I'd try gto not give me anything and is very abusive vertebral I have called the cops on him but yherr no help at all cause he plays victim let alone I'm doing my diayalid all by my self everynite here at home he  out of our bedroom over 4 yes ago he blames me how I can go about getting spousal support for now and how can I get help with the Divorced  when I have no money to pay for it cause he had not filed but I want to his girlfriend  don't  want to be able to receive  any money from him ... please help me any way u can thank u Mary in texas

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