Would the CPS investigate or try to take my baby away

Would the CPS investigate or try to take my baby away because I haven't been able to bring her to Carle for a checkup since last August or October? Carle didn't accept our insurance and said they couldn't schedule her or me until we got different insurance. I finally put her on a new plan after months of being told that our two open enrollment periods weren't until December or her birthday. I just got his card in the mail yesterday. I don't know if I'll be investigated because "I could have taken her somewhere else", but I trust her doctor completely and frankly, every place I've called, even when I was trying to get pregnancy appointments they wouldn't see me bc of my insurance. And the closest place that would take us I think is almost an hour away and I share my car with my boyfriend so he can work 12 hour shifts throughout the week.
NAL- but worked in Healthcare. 
It depends on what the baby needed to be seen for and what health issues the child has. If they believe your child needed medical attention to manage a condition they can investigate it. It's called medical neglect. Even if the child's health wasn't in bad shape, but a condition needed to be monitored by a doctor or they believe you neglected the child's medical needs they will look into things. Most likely they'd help you get back on track and baby/child wouldn't be removed from the home as long as there was no abuse or neglect proven.

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